About Us

About Us

To obtain the most desirable balance between health and beauty, we must not compromise one for the other. How is this possible? It’s pure and simple. Our commitment at LaBelle is combining a relaxing, fume-free, and sanitary environment with the performance of luxurious, natural and organic products to provide quality, non-toxic beauty services. We believe you do not have to compromise your health for beauty.

Why Waterless

Have you ever wondered what is the best method to prolong your manicure? At LaBelle, our manicures are waterless, which are more beneficial than a conventional manicure. Soaking of nails during a conventional manicure causes them to expand, and this expansion lasts a couple hours. The problem with a conventional manicure is applying polish before nails return to their original state, which causes premature chipping. Our waterless manicure prolongs polish wear and includes a Keratin Renewal Treatment, which deeply hydrates hands, softens cuticles and strengthens nails.

Our Partners

We are honored to host our non-toxic partners: